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QuickBlox now lets developers easily add video chat to their apps and offers a new free usage option

QuickBlox, a startup offering a range of cloud-linked modules that give mobile app developers easy access to features such as location, content management, user ratings and messaging, has today rolled out support for video chat and a new pricing structure that will allow many customers to use the service for free.

We previously mentioned QuickBlox under its original name of Mob1serv when its UK-based founders pitched at Seedcamp London two years ago. Since then, the startup has rebranded and developed its mobile-backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) offering further. With the introduction of video chat, developers will be able to easily add video calling functionality to their apps. This accompanies the other chat modules offered that work alongside its augmented reality and mapping features among others.

Clearly aiming to boost its market share, QuickBlox’s new free usage tier is aimed at independent developers and publishers and offers 10 Gb of traffic/storage per month, unlimited API calls and unlimited push notifications. The startup says that this is enough for 95% of use cases. Beyond this, the company offers a paid enterprise option and a revenue-share deal for companies that resell QuickBlox’s services.

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QuickBlox ahora facilita a los desarrolladores añadir chat de vídeo en sus aplicaciones, y estrena plan gratuito

QuickBlox, llamada inicialmente Mob1serv desde hace dos años desde su nacimiento, es una compañía que ofrece soluciones modulares vinculados al uso de servicios en la nube para los desarrolladores de aplicaciones móviles, con el objeto de facilitarles la creación y desarrollo de sus propias aplicaciones. Es lo que viene a llamarse mBaaS (mobile-backend-as-a-service), y hoy

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